Friday 13 October 2023

Kōwhai News Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back to school for our final term. It is wonderful to see the tamariki well rested and with lots of energy for the weeks ahead. We hope you enjoy our update. 


We are enjoying our athletics practice sessions at the moment. The whole school athletics event is on Thursday 26th October, and our team will complete their activities from 11am - 12:40pm. Our focus is on the development of the movement skills of run, jump and throw, engagement and fun. A house relay will take place at 2.45. We warmly invite you to join us for this day. Check out the photos below!


These are essential for this term, so please make sure your child has a named hat they can leave at school in their tote tray or in their bag. We encourage sunscreen to be applied at home before school, and we have extra at school that can be applied as children need. Please also make sure your child has a named water bottle at school every day.

Library Trips

We are looking forward to visiting the Christchurch South Library over the next fortnight. Please send children with jackets, jumper, sunhat and solid walking shoes on the day of their trip. Thanks to those who offered to parent help. If you are a parent helper (your child's teacher will have confirmed this with you by email), please be in your child's homeroom class at 1:30pm on the day of their trip. Many thanks.

Anna R: Monday 16th October 1:30-3pm

Anna M: Tuesday 17th October 1:30-3pm

Rowe: Wednesday 18th October 1:30-3pm

Charlotte: Tuesday 24th October 1:30-3pm

Nick: Wednesday 25th October 1:30-3pm

Learning This Term

We have some fantastic learning in store this term. 

Wellbeing continues to be a key part of our programme, which includes both a whole school PB4L focus and daily notice discussion, as well as explicit teaching and learning activities in class each week. Anna Reid has put together an amazing selection of learning activities for us, which covers being a good sport, conflict resolution, how to apologise, keeping things in perspective and gratitude. 

Our PB4L focus this week is being an Upstander. You might like to read this social story at home and discuss it with your child.


Once we have completed Athletics, we will use our afternoon times for art and inquiry. We look forward to learning how to sketch and may make some fun nature creations (thank you Rowe and Anna for planning these for us!). 

Science: Ngā Manu (Birds)

We are also looking forward to a science inquiry into ngā manu, or birds. We will be learning key science ideas, including: 

* Different birds have different shapes, sizes, colours, beaks and feet. 

* All birds have two legs, wings, claws and a beak instead of teeth.

* The structure and features of a bird help it to get what it needs to survive. We can tell what sort of food a bird eats by looking at its beak and feet.

* Birds have adapted in line with their environments and/or to cope around people.

You can help your child by starting to notice the birds in your garden and our local community, and observing their behaviours and features.

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